In Australia, Saab was perceived to be a quirky, European car. With increasing competition from a reinvigorated Volvo and Peugeot, the brand was loosing differentiation. Our task was to fix this whilst communicating Saab’s performance and innovation heritage. Saab’s brand can best be described by “?”. Saab constantly asks questions: of itself, its automotive rivals, and most importantly, of its drivers. 
As such, Saab really is “the thinking person’s car”: one that inspires its audience to think about what exactly is possible in this world. It follows then, that its advertising should intrigue, stimulate and reward. Working from our insight and Saab’s positioning line, “Move Your Mind” we created a thought-provoking campaign that reaffirmed Saab’s status as an innovative and stimulating European automotive brand.
Agency: Reality Group
Art Director: Warren Michael
Copywriter: Sam Harris

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