With an estimated 4 million visitors per month, sports story aggregator Unscriptd.com decided to launch a new content generating mobile app for elite athletes. 
The Unscriptd app enables athletes to shoot, create and publish unfiltered short-form video content and share it with their fans to social media channels and global media publishers, simultaneously through a proprietary publishing and content distribution platform. 
Unscriptd’s mission is to amplify unique moments in sports through the personalised lens of athletes, expand the reach and engagement that athletes have with their fans in existing and new markets on a truly global scale. 
Since launching in late 2015, Unscriptd has managed to sign contracts with an impressive list of the world’s most elite athletes including, global sporting icons Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Olympians Mo Farah and Justin Gatlin, and international cricket superstars Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. 
The challenge was how to communicate about this deceptively simple app, yet technically advanced software and complex back-end functionality, in a clear and and engaging way.
We developed a tutorial video featuring 6x World Champion Surfer, Stephanie Gilmore and how she uses the Unscriptd app, plus a one-page responsive website exclusively for athletes and their management that featured the key benefits of the app and technology.
Client: Unscriptd
Creative Director: Warren Michael
Copywriter: Warren Michael
Art Director: Warren Michael
Designer: Warren Michael 
Film Production: Damien Bredberg Production 
Post Production: Chop Shop Post
Tutorial Video:
Responsive Website:

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