Bupa is seeking to focus on the times in life when people require more significant health and care support such as having a family. They’ve identified the ‘first 1000 days of parenthood’ an important time where we can offer a range of information, support services and products to help make a difference to the health of parents and babies. 
The campaign’s challenge was to encourage the community and in particular men and immediate family members to form a support team around new parents and babies, increase awareness around emotional wellbeing for new parents in first 1000 days of parenthood and encourage them to seek support, and strengthen Bupa’s role as a health and care partner with trusted advice and expertise.
Agency: Gemba
Executive Creative Director: Boyd Hicklin
Copywriters: Boyd Hicklin & Shaun Conroy
Art Director: Warren Michael
Director & Head of Marketing: Andrew Condon
Senior Account Director: Clare Stewart-Hunter
Film Production: Bengar Films
Director: Ben Gartland
Producers: Catherine Gunn
Producers: Melina Flood
Online Content:
First 1000 days of parenthood – You’re pregnant
First 1000 days of parenthood – Bringing baby home
First 1000 days of parenthood – Baby's first year
First 1000 days of parenthood – Towards year two
 First 1000 days of parenthood - Nightwatchmen: the support team for new parents
Bupa Nightwatchmen campaign video (30 sec)
Bupa Nightwatchmen campaign video (15 sec)

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